1. Go to a museum

When you’re dating someone new, trying to figure out where to take them can be a challenge. Parks can be nice, but what if it rains? Restaurants are good, but you might not feel like spending a lot of money on your first date.

Museums are a great option because they’re both sexy and educational. Plus, they’re usually less expensive than a movie or dinner out.

For a more romantic vibe, try planning your museum date at night. Many museums have evening tours where they light up their exhibits and tell salacious history behind paintings and objects. This can really turn up the heat in your relationship and make you bond over your shared interests. It also gives you something to talk about with your date.

2. Go on a hike

Hiking dates can be a great way to bond with your date and enjoy nature. They are also a great way to get to know someone’s fitness level and whether they like to be a speedy hiker or just take their time to enjoy the scenery.

However, hiking can be riskier than going out to Applebee’s and a lot of things can go wrong. It’s not just about choking on a chicken wing or falling down a boardwalk – it’s much more likely to hurt yourself out in the wild than in the comfort of your own home.

Plus, it can be expensive! That’s why a hike is ideal for a first date because it doesn’t cost anything. That saves you money for the next date when you really know if you’re compatible.

3. Go to a concert

Whether you go to see your favorite artist in concert or check out a local open mic night, music is an excellent way to connect with a date. It can also be a great conversation starter about the types of music you like and what your future plans might look like together. Plus, a small 2017 study found that couples who enjoyed the same kind of music had more communication and relationship satisfaction in their relationships.

Or, try out Raya, a new dating app that brings the high-school experience of navigating entry into an exclusive clique to your phone. The app requires applicants to apply and be approved by an anonymous committee before they can begin using the service.

4. Go to a comedy club

They say laughter is the shortest distance between two people, and going to a comedy club is a great way to gauge if your date’s humor is compatible with yours. If you and your date aren’t on the same page, that can be a major dealbreaker, but if you find that you share some of the same jokes it can be an exciting sign that you’re on the right track.

Many comedy clubs still offer amateur nights where comedians can test their material on a live audience. This is where some of the most successful comedy stars, such as Hannibal Buress and Kristen Schaal, got their start.

When choosing a venue, it’s important to know what the dress code is ahead of time. A few things to avoid include ripped jeans, flip-flops, gym shorts and sports hoodies.

5. Go to a bookstore

A trip to the bookstore is an easy way to show your date what you are interested in. It opens up endless possibilities for conversation starters and lets them know you are a thoughtful person.

Try playing the “book title game.” Take turns finding book titles that say something about you, your personality, or a part of your life and leave them somewhere in the store.

Some local bookstores have a section of books that highlight haunted places in the area. These can be fun for a spooky date! Another great bookstore date idea is to head to the children’s section and find some of your favorite childhood books. It’s a fun stroll down memory lane and it can be a nice way to talk about your shared experiences together.